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Based in Birmingham and serving across England, we bring a fresh and innovative approach to negotiation. As a leading negotiation training consultancy in the UK, we stand out from the crowd by offering unique and psychology-based solutions that empower people to excel in their negotiations. 

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We provide one-day negotiation skills courses,

aimed at enhancing skills and techniques in the art, which will deliver significant value for your company, whilst considering the wider relationships at play.

Training Solutions





Negotiation training 

We offer a specialised one-day high-intensity course in negotiation, which gives delegates the learnings and tools they need to effectively navigate future negotiations.

Whether they need to be more assertive, or need to rein themselves in to foster successful business agreements, we provide a course that helps them personally achieve this. With a 1:2 teacher to trainee ratio, and all our expertise and knowledge, alongside innovative training techniques based on human psychology, you will be sure to find improved strategies and results.

1-on-1 bespoke coaching 

Whether you are looking to improve your own negotiation skills, or that of an employee, we can provide personalised negotiation training.

We can create a coaching package designed to help you or your team member achieve their optimal negotiation performance in business agreements. In a 1-on-1 situation, we can give you the full complement of our insights and knowledge, enabling you to create win-win situations in your dealings.


Negotiation consultancy services 

We provide comprehensive negotiation consultancy services to enhance your own skills or that of your business.

From providing guidance on the fundamentals of negotiation to overseeing the complete strategy, we will help you and your teams to prepare, engage and finally conclude their negotiations. Our consultants can provide the ‘soundboard' required to sense-check negotiation ideas or unforeseen challenges, or provide the full negotiation solution, from planning the negotiation to owning the complete 3rd party engagement.





Our mission


Concorcus Consulting was formed out of a market need to have negotiation training delivered in an understandable, tangible and practical way


We are on a mission to revolutionise negotiation training, by centering our workshops on evidence-based psychological and behaviour theories



Our delegates find our workshops really insightful, because they leave with actual knowledge and tools that they can apply across a number of environments and situations throughout their careers


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Why work with us?


93% of delegates would recommend our courses, and we pride ourselves on trainee satisfaction and ongoing success.

1-day courses

We offer short, intensive 1-day courses, enabling delegates to return to work swiftly, with greatly enhanced knowledge and practice of negotiation.


We keep it simple, and our inspirational coaches deliver market-leading negotiation training, that is easy to digest and replicate in day-to-day work. 


1:2 Delegate Ratio

With this lower ratio compared to most competitors, delegates have the chance to receive detailed coaching and personalised feedback

 Video Replay

Real life negotiation practice with video replay and evaluation, which will be relevant to their working lives.








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