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Here at Concordus Consulting, 

we offer businesses, managers, employees, and indeed, all our delegates a fresh look at how they approach negotiating. Our negotiation skills course will equip you with the skills to close deals that might otherwise evaporate, break deadlocks with fresh ideas, and maximise the value of the agreements you reach.








Empowering delegates and clarifying negotiation dynamics

Our goal is to make the process of negotiation, conflict resolution, and closing deals more comfortable and straightforward for everyone involved. You can feel more confident in situations that might previously have been intimidating. Likewise you can avoid intimidating the people you are negotiating with, leading to longer-lasting and more meaningful business relationships.

Whether you are involved in sales or purchasing, or simply wish to improve your self-assurance in asking for what you need in your business dealings, Concordus offer comprehensive negotiation skills courses to help you improve outcomes in any sector. Our courses are intimate and meaningful, with a 1:2 ratio, and tailored role-play, feedback, and evaluation designed to help you improve your negotiation skills.

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If you are in doubt about the benefits of our negotiation skills courses, have a read through our testimonials below.

The negotiation workshop provided by Concordus Consulting is exceptional. I cannot recommend it enough. My team saw a real difference in their ability to negotiate after the workshop."

Mike Collins, Senior SRM Manager, NHS



Concordus Consulting played a crucial advisory role during a recent large commercial deal, and their expertise were invaluable. Their negotiation expertise helped our team to see the negotiation context in a completely different light, subsequently changing the way in which we approached discussions with the other party. I'd highly recommend Concordus Consulting to anyone seeking expert advice in commercial negotiations."

Victoria Lynch, National Supply Chain & Services Manager, Aldi Stores UK

The negotiation training and services provided by Concordus have been truly exceptional. My team now feels more empowered and effective at confidently navigating complex negotiations, handling objections, and leveraging their strengths to achieve optimal results."

Ian Timothy, Head of Innovation Centre, University of Northampton






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